MacOS 11 Big Sur Compatible Macs List – Is your Machine Compatible?

Every year Apple Inc. brings a new operating system for Mac users to make their computers more user-friendly. This time Apple brings major changes with the new Mac Operating system. Though, on June 22, 2020, Apple introduced the new operating system at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The new MacOS has been named MacOS Big Sur. And, it is the successor on MacOS Catalina 10o.15. So, the question is, Is MacOS 11 Big Sur compatible with your Mac computer. Today, we bring to you MacOS 11 Big Sur Compatible Macs List.

MacOS Catalina was the successor of MacOS Mojave. But, MacOS Catalina brought minor improvements to the preceded operating system. Unlike that, MacOS Big Sur brings major changes and tons of new handy features and support for iOS and iPadOS apps. And, Now, you can experience a better look and more advanced user-interface in the new Big Sur.

User-interface improvement is the biggest change since the introduction of MacOS X. Hence, all the Docks, Menu Bars, and translucency are redesigned and new color palettes are added. Though, the application icons look similar to iOS and iPadOS. But, MacOS 11 Big Sur icons got more shading and color highlight to form a 3D shape.

Alongside MacOS Big Sur, Apple Inc. made a big announcement to use Apple Designed ARM processors instead of Intel chipsets in the future.

Bear in mind, Apple has released the MacOS 11 Big Sur developer beta version. So, if you are a registered developer, you can download the Big Sur developer Beta version by your developer account. In case, you are only a user then be patient until Apple Inc. unveils the Public Beta version of the new operating system.

MacOS  11 Name “Big Sur”

As the MacOS 10.15, Catalina was named after Santa Catalina Island located off the coast of southern California. As well as MacOS 11 Big Sur’s name is taken from the coastal region of Big Sur. For your information, the coastal region of Big Sur is located on the central coast of California.

MacOS 11 Big Sur Release Date and Version

MacOS Catalina was stated as MacOS 10.15. Hence, most of the users we confused about the version of the new Mac Operating system. Whether it is MacOS 10.16 or MacOS 11. But Apple brings the endpoint to Mac OS X after 20 years and called the Big Sur “MacOS 11”.

MacOS Big Sur was introduced on June 22, 2020. And the developer beta version was also unveiled. So, if you are a registered developer you can give it a try. And as we said above, if you are not a developer then wait until the release of the public beta version.

MacOS 11 Big Sur Features

Like every new release, Apple introduces new features. But MacOS Big Sur brings tons of unique and eye-catching features. Though, these features are very handy and purposed to make your computer more flexible and user-friendly. So, Let have a look at the new features of MacOS 11 Big Sur.

  • Safari: The default Apple internet browser is Safari. However, most of the users prefer to use chrome instead of Safari. Moreover, now Apple claims that new updates make Safar 50% faster than Chrome, better privacy, and less battery consumption.
    Apple brings the biggest update and changes for Safari since it was developed.
    The new updates make Safari more user-friendly. So, Intelligent tracking gives you a privacy report on every website you visit. Now you can manage and track the saved password and make sure of your privacy and password compromisation.
    The most eye-catching feature is that you can customize the home page of Safari. Hence, you can change the background and add/edit customizable sections.
  • Control Center: An awesome change Big Sur has brought to the Control Center of MacOS. So, now you can access it from the Menu Bar. And, change setting easier than ever before.
  • Sidebar in Mail and Photo: Finally, Apple updates the Mail and Photo Apps. So, Mail and Photo Apps are somehow redesigned and added sidebar too. If you are using an iPhone or iOS 14 then they have the same look as in iOS 14.
  • Widgets in the notification App: Notifications are the informers on a computer or smartphone. But, if the notifications have widgets it would be easier to know about the message at a glance. So, the widgets in the notification App are added to MacOS Big Sur. As added to iOS 14.

MacOS 11 Big Sur Compatible Macs List

The previous Mac Operating systems were compatible with most old Mac Computers. But, this time Apple drops some of the Mac Computer. So, it is very important to check the MacOS 11 Big Sur Compatible Macs list to be sure about our Mac Computer.

Below is the list of MacOS 11 Big Sur compatible Mac computers. So, if you are using any of them you can install MacOS Big Sur, whether developer beta version or public beta version.

  • MacBook 2015 and newer
  • MacBook Air and Pro Late 2013 and newer
  • Mac Pro 2013 and newer
  • MacMini 2014 and newer
  • iMac 2014 and newer
  • iMac Pro 2017 and newer (all models)

You cannot install Mac’s new operating system on the below Mac computers. As well as, you cannot update to MacOS 11.

  • MacBook Air 2012.
  • MacBook Pro 2012 and Early 2013
  • Mac Mini 2012
  • iMac 2012 and 2013

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Now you know about MacOS 11 Big Sur Compatible Macs List. So, check your computer is that compatible with the new Mac operating system or not. If your answer is no, so arrange and better machine to install MacOS 11 Big Sur. Because it is going to be the best Mac Operating system. Apple brings tons of changes in MacOS and brings them all together in MacOS 11 Big Sur.


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