How to Install Safari on Windows 10 – Complete Guide

Apple’s Safari is one of the most in use browsers in the virtual world. Besides, it is the default web browser of MacOS and iOS operating systems. In case, you were a Mac computer user. And, now you are using MS. Windows, so you may miss the Safari Browser and its features. So, if you want to use Safari Web Browser on Windows so this article is for you. Because we bring to you the best of both worlds. Hence, you can use Safari Web Browser on any version of Windows. So, let’s talk about how to install Safari on Windows 10, or other Windows operating systems.

For your information, globally Microsoft Windows covers 87.8% of desktop and laptop users. But, Apple’s Macintosh covers only 6.9% and the rest are divided by other platforms or operating systems such as Linux, Unix and, others. So, if you have moved from MacOS to Windows you may need Safari. Because it offers handy and eye-catching features.

If we talk about the web browser. So, every operating system provides users a default web browser. Such as Safari (Macintosh/MacOS/iOS) and Microsoft Edge (Microsoft Windows). But Google Chrome wins the race because it comes at the first position when we review the most in web browser recently. Bear in mind, every web browser offers you its own handy features.

install safari on windows 10
Web Browsers in use

What are the Best Features of Safari Browser?

Ahead, we install Safari on Windows 10, lets have a look over the features of the Browser. So, Safari provides you a privacy option by switching that you can enable and disable cookies and trackers. Moreover, if we talk about the security of the Safari browser, it uses Google Safe Browsing to stop and block malicious websites and shielding users from malware. Moreover, you can turn-off the pop-ups by enabling a pop-up blocker which is default enable. The features of the Apple browser Safari are well discussed below.

  • Speed: Apple claims that they provide the users the Fastest JavaScript engine. There are some of the results of the test over the browser in which Safari beat the race.
    • MotionMark – up to 2.0 times faster than Google Chrome which was tested in MacOS.
    • JetStream – up to 1.4 times faster than Mozilla Firefox while running JavaScript in MacOS.
    • Speedometer – up to 1.4 times flexible than Mozilla Firefox.
  • Less Battery consumption: Safari also using less Battery charge as compare to other browsers. The difference was tested in a test and the result is below.
    • Up to 4hrs more video streaming duration than to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
    • Up to 3hrs more browsing duration than Chrome and Firefox.
  • Autofill: Safari suggests auto-fill information when users click over a field. In the condition that information is available and save in contact and calendar. Though, when a new account signs up Safari generates a password automatically and store it in the Cloud.
  • Intelligent Tracking Prevention: Often, the embedded trackers determine the IP address by which you visit the webpage. So, these embedded trackers are the social media button on which you click. Hence, Apple enhanced Safari with a new feature named “Intelligent Tracking Prevention”. So, this feature prevents the tracking done by embedded trackers.

Safari vs Google Chrome vs Firefox


As we said above Safari is the default and built-in web browser of MacOS and iOS. So, going with a default application of a system is always recommended by every source. Because it is familiar with every factor of the system. For your information, MacOS Catalina and iOS brought a new update to Safari that features Adds fingerprinting protection. As well, the new version gets Apple-pay support and Sign-in with Apple, which replaces Facebook and Google accounts as web authorizers.

If you were using Safari you may miss Safari Integration. Better to know that Safari Integration is an eye-catching feature through which you can use continue your browsing sessions between devices. It can be a reason to install Safari on Windows 10.

Google Chrome

The Web browser which is used by more than 50% of all users is Google Chrome. It is developed for quick web page loadings. Google Chrome is marked as the top for HTML 5 test websites and it is also responsibly well on WebXPRT 3 benchmark. For your information, it is used for testing internet application speed. Such as stock options prices, data encryption, text, and photo manipulation.

Unlike Safari, Google chrome uses more RAM. Even it uses more RAM than Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. Google Chrome does not offer any feature like fancy tabs, built-in VPN, Screenshot tools, cryptocurrency locker, and reading mode. But it is rich in extension which is very handy for any user.

Google Chrome offers a syncing feature. So, using that you can access your saved bookmarks, installed extensions, and even browsing history. Though, the May 2020 updates of Google Chrome remove the API function that allows the ad-blocker extension to fully block ads.


Among other Web browsers, Mozilla Firefox is also a lot in use. So, it is an open-source app of Mozilla Foundation. Moreover, it uses the Gecko layout engine for rendering the webpages. So, It is being in use by 5.5% of the internet world population. Bear in mind, it is popular for the wealth of extension availability and online privacy.

Firefox support HTML5 and CSS3 elements and tags. So, Mozilla Foundation is working on its AR and Speech synthesis features. A well, the new update features Lockwise, through which complex passwords are generated to provide users better security and sync in between devices to make it more user-friendly.

How to download Safari for Windows 10?

Safari for Windows is free of cast and open-source. It carries only a few MBs and really easy to download. To download the App please follow the below two short and easy steps.

Step 1: Search the link and click on “Free Download” as shown in the below picture.

Free Download
Free Download

Step 2: Click on Start Download to start the download. Bear in mind the download will start automatically with the downloader installed on your computer or Web browser’s downloader.

Start Download
Start Download

How to install Safari on Windows 10?

After download complete. Browse the download files and double-click on the setup file that carries a .exe file extension. Afterward, follow the below few very easy steps to install Safari on Windows 10.

Step 1: After you, double click on the setup file wait for a while for the file loading process. Now the installation wizard windows will appear on the screen. Click on “Next”.

install safari on windows 10

Step 2: Select the “I accept the terms in the license agreement” option and click on “Next”.

License Agreement
License Agreement

Now Check any option you want to use from the given four options of the Safari App. But, I recommend you check all the checkboxes.

Step 3: After selecting the checkboxes click on “Next”.


Step 4: Now click on “Install” to start the installation.

Start Installation
Start Installation

Step 5: Now wait for the installation to complete.

install safari on windows 10
Wait for Installation

Step 6: Now click on “Finish” to wind up the installation.

download safari for windows 10

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Today I share with you, How to install Safari on Windows 10. Moreover, I shared about the features of the Web browsers. So, it is up to you to go with which of them. Bear in mind, every Web browser has its own features. Hence, I recommend you to use browsers according to your activities. But make sure the browser you are using is standard and secured. Because data and information are really valuable today.



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