How to Update MacOS 11 (Big Sur) to the Latest Version?

MacOS 11 Big Sur is the latest version of the Macintosh operating system. Macintosh has daily millions of active users in today’s technology world. MacOS Big Sur was introduced on June 22, 2020. Apple brought beta updates. Unfortunately, the developers faced different problems due to the bugs and errors in the betas. Hence, Apple unveiled the first complete significant version on December 12, 2020. Afterward, Apple released the new version of MacOS Big Sur that is Big Sur 11.1. So, today you will learn How to update MacOS 11.0 to 11.1 on a Virtual Machine or Mac Machine.

Using multiple operating systems on a single machine is very common. So, if you are a non-macintosh user. In case, you are using Mac operating systems on the virtual machine, so this article is going to help you to update MacOS 11 Big Sur to the latest version on the virtual machine.

For your information, MacOS Big Sur is the 11 version of the Macintosh operating system. And, it is the 17th major release of Apple Inc. It is the successor of MacOS Catalina that was MacOS 10. So, the Big Sur is also known as MacOS 11. Apple introduced tons of new features by MacOS Big Sur. So, give it a try, learn, and enjoy the new version of Big Sur and Mac.

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What is new in MacOS Big Sur 11.1?

As MacOS 11 brought tons of changes to the Mac operating system’s environment and features but still, there are some problems that users face.

Apple overcame some of the problems and released MacOS 11.1 on December 14, 2020. Besides fixing these bugs, Apple added new features to the new version of the operating system such as support for AirPod Max, enhancement of TV App, better privacy on App Store, and Apple advanced widgets. So, all the new features are well discussed below.

  • Apple News: New widgets are designed and developed by Apple for Apple News, which are now available in Notification Center.
  • AirPod Max: While releasing MacOS 11.1 Big Sur Apple offers the AirPod Max feature, which is handy for the users. And, AirPod offers you the below sub-features.
    • Advanced over-ear headphones.
    • Terrific fidelity Audio for incredible sound.
    • Adaptive EQ to fit personal ear buffer.
    • Active Noise Cancelation that completely resists environmental noises.
    • Spatial including dynamic head tracking.
    • A mode that allows the user to hear his/her environment is called Transparency mode.
  • Apple Stores: App-store is the place from where we all download our favorite Apple applications and use them for different purposes. Hence, Apple always works on App-Store to make it more secure due to privacy concerns. As well as, add new features to Apple Store. So by the new update, Apple offers you the below features.
    • The new privacy information section on the App Store pages includes a reported summary to the developer of the App.
    • New iPhone and iPad Apps on Mac beside M1.
    • New Arcade games.
  • Apple TV: Now you can watch your beloved shows easier than in the past. Because, among all the other features, Apple enhanced this feature too.
    • The new Apple TV tab makes it so easy for you to watch Apple’s own series and movie.
    • Enhanced search by which you can search and browse category-wise or manually.
    • Top and recent searches are shown with significant matches.
  • Safari: As we all know that safari is the default web browser of MacOS. Due to this Apple brings enhancement to Safari with every update. So, with the new update, Apple brought a new search engine to the Safar named Ecosia search engine, which enhances the search result. Learn how to install Safari on Windows 10.
  • Photos: We all are using the Apple Photos App to manipulate the stored picture in the system. So, we need a good photo editor. Hence, Apple included Apple ProRAW by which the photo can be edited.
  • Air Quality: One of the handiest new features in Big Sur 11.1 featuring below.
    • Health recommendations are available in Siri for the different regions of the world such as the United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Mexico, India, and Germany in the Air Quality levels.
    • Available in Siri and Maps for China locations on the mainland.

Miner problems in MacOS Big Sur 11.1?

Every update is to fix the bugs and errors of the previous version and also introduce new features. So, Big Sure 11.1 fixes the issue of 11.0.0 but still, there are some issues we face in the new version. Apple will fix the current issues in the upcoming updates. So, the issues we face in the 11.1 version are below.

  • Bluetooth connections are not available in the Notification Bar.
  • LG UltraFine 5K display may incorrectly display at 4K on Macs with M1.
  • Reliability to unlocking Mac using your Watch.
  • Faster Trackpad scrolling on MacBook Pro Models.
  • Quick-time player issues that might quit the movies while opening with a timecode, after updating from MacOS Catalina.

So these are the issues that we face in MacOS Big Sur 11.1. Remember, it is a complete operating system that you can install and use without any concern. Just remember to backup your data before updating. Does not matter you are using a Mac computer or a virtual machine.

How to update MacOS 11 Big Sur to the Latest version?

You can update the installed MacOS 11.0 Big Sur. By following the below easy steps. In case you have used any virtual machine, you might have tried to install different operating systems on a single high-performance machine. Mostly, VMware Workstation and Virtual box are in use by Windows users. However, if you want to install the new operating systems and see the changes, going with a virtual machine is the better way to experience it.

To update the MacOS Big Sur to the latest version, you should follow the below steps one by one and carefully.

Step 1: Turn on the virtual machine you use and turn on the installed Big Sur Machine. Go to “Apple Logo” and click on “About this Mac”, find and click on “Software Update”.

How to update MacOS
Check for Update

Step 2: Wait for a while, as “Update Now” appears, click on that.

How to Update MacOS
Update Now

Step 3: Click on “Agree” to accept the terms and conditions.

Click on Agree
Click on Agree

Step 4: Now the Downloading Process will start. Be patient, it will take time.

Downloading Process
Downloading Process – Software Update

Step 5: After completing the download the system will restart and began installation. Bear in mind, the system will restart several times during installation.

Update Installation
Update Installation

Step 6: At the end, MacOS Big Sur is Updated to 11.1.

How to update MacOS

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This article shows you the complete procedure to update MacOS Big Sur 11.0 to MacOS Big Sur 11.1. So, if you are a Mac User also you can give it a try. In case you are using MacOS in a Virtual Machine, you can update the MacOS Big Sur to the latest version of the Virtual Machine.


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