How to Uninstall Apps on iPad? Fix iPad not deleting Apps

Do you have any problem uninstalling or removing any App on the iPad? In condition, your answer is Yes. So, don’t worry, because we will guide you to Uninstall Apps on iPad. Well, deleting apps from iPad, iPhone, or any other smartphone will free up storage. The crowd of Apps over the home screen of iPad or iPhone makes the user interface less pleasant while using. So, to get rid of unwanted Apps be with us till the end of the article.

There are two methods to get the job done. The first method is very easy. You can remove any app just in a couple of seconds. All you need is just to tap and hold the app icon. Don’t worry the guide is not this short. We have listed all the steps one by one to make it a piece of cake.

In the second method, we do delete the apps using settings. Think twice before uninstalling any App. because you will lose the data of the Application. For example, the played level of game or basic entered information in the App. Or, make sure you that we created a backup of the application files in the iCloud.

If you have any purchased or paid App. Don’t worry after uninstallation. Because you can reinstall that App from the App Store and carry on with the Sign In. But, make sure to enter your given information correctly. Or use the restore option of the App. But, it is better to be 100% certain before deleting any App to avoid a problem or waste of time.

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How to Uninstall Apps on iPad? 1st Method

How to Uninstall Apps on iPad

1: Open up your iPad. Navigate to the screen where your Apps shortcuts are.

2: Tap and hold the icon of the App you want to delete.

3: When a grey circle with “x” appears. Tap on the “x” to delete the App.

Bear in mind, if the “x” doesn’t appear for any App. It meant the App is not removable.

How to Uninstall Apps on iPad from Storage? 2nd Method

1: After opening the Settings. Go to “General”.

How to Uninstall Apps on iPad

2: From general settings tap on “iPad Storage”.

iPad Storage
iPad Storage

3: Now be patient until the Apps loads. Once the Apps are listed on the screen tap on the App you want to uninstall. As it tapped on the Candy Crush Saga game.

How to Uninstall Apps on iPad

4: At this step Tap “Delete App”.

How to Uninstall Apps on iPad
App Detail

5: Now Tap on “Delete App” on the delete pop-up window to confirm App removal.

How to Uninstall Apps on iPad
Delete App

How to Delete Apps on iPad that cannot be Deleted?

Sometimes a problem we face while uninstalling or deleting any App on iPad. Where the “X” icon does not appear. Therefore, we cannot delete the App. Thus, the reason behind that is App restriction settings. Perhaps, sometimes this problem can be solved just by a restart if the restriction is turned off. If not, follow the below easy steps.

1: Open “Settings”, Tap on “Screen Time”.

Screen Time
Screen Time

2: From Screen Time, Tap on “Content & Privacy Restrictions”.

How to uninstall Apps on iPad
Content and Privacy Restrictions

3: When the Restrictions Window appears, Tap on “iTunes and App Store”.

How to uninstall apps on ipad
iTunes & Apps Store purchases

4: Tap on “Deleting Apps”.

Deleting Apps
Deleting Apps

5: At the final step tap on “Allow” to allow Deleting Apps.

How to uninstall apps on ipad

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Today, we brought to you an article on How to uninstall Apps on iPad. We hope these methods are going to help you and you solve your problem easily. In case you face any problem contact us without any hesitation. Besides, let us know your opinion in the comment section. Take care!


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