How to Uninstall an App on Android ? 4 different Methods

How to uninstall an app on android

When your smartphone storage becomes full. You may wonder about it. Because your phone is going out of space and storage and you cannot save more staff. In such a case you can uninstall unwanted apps from your smartphone to free up some space. Therefore, today we are going to guide you to uninstall an app on Android Phone.

Well, Android is being used by almost 130 million active users on the planet. Android is an open-source and easy-to-use operating system. Although it came long after iOS it is the best rival of iOS. Better to know that Android is superior in terms of Apps and widgets.

Besides, Android is more user-friendly as compared to iOS. As well, Android is wealthier than iOS when it comes to Apps. As Google Play Store owns 2.7 million app and crowns the largest app store and iOS offers 1.82 million apps to their users and get second-largest app store’s position.

We show you different methods to uninstall an app on an Android smartphone. Because Android is an open-source system application. Hence, different smartphone brands are using Android to run their smartphone. So, there is the possibility of minor changes in the process of uninstallation. Alongside this, you will learn to delete undeleting apps on Android.

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Android vs. iOS – Which one is better?

Android VS iOS
Android VS iOS

Alongside our today’s solution let’s have an eye on both operating systems and compare which one is preferable over the other. iOS and Android are both smartphone operating systems with millions of fans. Android belongs to Google. It is free to use. Many smartphone manufacturers use Android to power their smartphones such as Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, OPPO, Vivo, and others. Unlike Android iOS is specialized only for Apple Inc’s smartphones and Tablets. So, let compare some factor of the both OSs to get a result.

  • Pricing: Whenever we talk about smartphone prices, we conclude that iPhone is more expensive than others. For instance, the starting price of the iPhone X was $1000. Like every time, some of the users were waiting for price decrement in time. But it took a bit longer until the iPhone 12 Max Pro came with starting price of $1100.  Unlike this, you can buy an Android phone for $100. In case you can afford better. So you can spend up to $2000 on Samsung Z Fold 2 5G. Moreover, Android unveiled another version of Android for low-end hardware by the name of Android Go. So, the winner is Android.
  • App Store: Google play stores offer a bigger number of Apps as compared to App Store. But if we consider the organization App store is better organized. The environment is very friendly. Besides, it recommends you similar apps easily and conveniently. On the other hand, it is easy to search any app of Google Play but the organization is not good as App Store. Both the store are concern about your privacy. App Store uses your fingerprint and Touch ID for purchase confirmation and Android also uses the fingerprint to verify. But, Google plays store wins a point by having a no-quibble refund policy within two hours after purchasing any paid item.
  • Battery Life: The long your smartphone battery goes, the longer you can use the services. So, consider well the battery life and charging before you buy any mobile phone. Well, it is very difficult to compare both brand’s battery life and charging, because there is no common hardware in use. But both the OSs allow you to have an eye on the battery status and disable some apps to last a bit longer. But our experience of hours comparing shows that Android is more customizable in the case of Battey life.

Alongside these three factors, there are many factors if we want to compare Android with iOS completely. But these are the major factors through that you can differentiate and select one of them for better services.

How to Uninstall an App on Android?

Deleting or Uninstalling an App on Android or any other operating system is very easy if you have correct information about the steps. So, today we are going to share 4 different methods to remove or delete the unwanted Apps. or simply free up some space if your smartphone is running out of space.

Method No.1 – Uninstall Apps from Settings

1: Open “Settings”.

2: Tap on “Apps or Application manager”. Bear in mind in some mobile phones this option may vary. So, you can search for Apps on the search bar.

3: Tap the deleting App.

4: Tap on the “Uninstall” option.

Method No2: Uninstall Apps from Play Store

1: Open the “App Store” app.

2: Tap on the “Id profile” icon.

3: Tap “My Apps and Games”.

4: Now Tap on “Installed”.

5: Tap on the App you want to uninstall and Tap on “Uninstall”.

Method No.3: Uninstall Apps from Mobile Screen

1: Tap and Hold the App’s icon you want to delete.

2: As uninstall option appears Tap on “Uninstall”.

Method No. 4: Uninstall/Disable Android default Apps

1: Go to “Settings -> Apps/Application Manager”.

2: Tap on the App you want to Disable.

3: Tap “Disable” to disable the App.

How to disable An App on Android
Disable App

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Now you can delete, remove and uninstall an App on Android in 4 different ways. In case of any problem, you can contact us. Also, let us know your idea in the comment section. In case, you are an iPad user and have a similar problem. Check out our article by clicking on the link. How to Uninstall Apps on iPad and Fix Undeleting Apps?


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