How to Turn off CarPlay on iPhone – 2 Different Methods

How to turn off carplay on iPhone
How to turn off car play on iPhone

We all know about the marvelous features of iOS. Apple is working 24/7 to enhance the smartphone operating system with handy and eye-catching features. Well, CarPlay is one of those features. Apple introduced CarPlay on March 10, 2014. Better to know that iPhone 5, iOS 7.1, or later support this feature. This feature is specialized to make driving safer and more comfortable. Moreover, numerous car manufacturers are licensing CarPlay. Unfortunately, experts concluded that CarPlay is can reduce driver’s reaction time. Hence, it might be better to turn this feature off. So, let learn How to Turn off CarPlay on iPhone in 2 different methods.

To turn on/off Carplay we should have an eye on its main functioning components. CarPlay is consisting two major components. The first is your car and the second your iPhone. Take heed, before you connect your iPhone to the car, to use the CarPlay feature, make sure your car supports it. While connecting your smartphone with your car via the USB port, a popup message will get your attention to your phone.

The message is asking you to allow the CarPlay to function while the smartphone screen is locked. In case your answer is “No” the CarPlay gets disabled. Unlike, iPhone’s other feature, the CarPlay has on specific turning option. Due to the leak of the option, we have to do it manually from iPhone Settings.

We are going to share two easy methods to Turn off CarPlay on iPhone. In the first method, we will use the content and privacy restriction option to restrict the feature and disallow the App. While in the 2nd method we use iPhone Settings App to disconnect the iPhone from the Car by forgetting the specifically connected vehicle.

What is the iPhone CarPlay?

How to turn off carplay on iPhone
Turn off CarPlay on iPhone

Apple CarPlay is a new car feature. It allows drivers to drive more comfortably. As well, you can control iPhone and iPad-based apps through the car’s dashboard media system. Moreover, you can manipulate the map’s functionality. Via CarPlay you can use and control hands-free and voice-to-text features.

More interesting, you can use your iPhone as the car key. Moreover, you can unlock and control your car with this app. This key feature is available in new 2021 models of the car. Currently, there are over 600 car models which are compatible with CarPlay. Such as Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Borgward, Ferreri, Ford, Fiat, Honda, and DS Automobiles, etc.

How to Turn off CarPlay on iPhone by Restriction option? 1st Method

1. Go to “Settings”.

2. Navigate to the second section, Find and Tap on “Screen Time”.

3. Now scroll down and Tap on “Connect & Privacy”.

4. If you never used the Restrictions, this option will appear disabled. To Enable Restriction Toggle it by tapping on the icon.

5. Afterward, Tap on “Allowed Apps”.

6. In the final step just find the “CarPlay” and Tap on the switch icon to disallow the CarPlay software.

How to Turn off CarPlay on iPhone by Settings app? 2nd Method

1. Tap on “Setting” from your iPhone menu.

2. Scroll down and Tap the “General” tab.

3. Now you are in the iPhone general settings. Tap on “CarPlay”.

4. Here is the list of Vehicles synced with your smartphone. Now Tap on the vehicle name you want to forget.

5. Now Tap on the “Forget” option to forget the selected vehicle.

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CarPlay is a new car feature. Today we share with you two methods on How to Turn off CarPlay on iPhone. So, we hope this article helps you to disable CarPlay on your iPhone or disconnect with your car. In case of any problem, never hesitate to contact us. Let us know your idea in the comment section.


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