How to Split Screen On a Mac? Easy Method

Have you ever used two apps side by side at a time on any device Laptop, iPad, Tablet, or smartphone? If your answer is No. Then, this article is only for you, because I am going to talk all about Split Screen or Split View. Hence, I will show you How to Split Screen On a Mac. So, you can use Split Screen for multitasking. For instance, you work on two applications simultaneously on a single screen. Bear in mind, Microsoft Windows, Android operating system, and iOS support Split Screen or split view as well.

With the help of Split Screen, you can divide your computer, tablet, or smartphone screen into two or more parts, where you can run different applications at a time. So, the split view is a handy and eye-catching feature of advanced operating systems. In case, you are a web developer or a computer programmer, the Split Screen helps you to complete your task easier and faster by dividing the screen on your computer into the part by placing your IDE in the first half and the program executes part on another half. As well, if you are a graphic designer complete your tasks more flexibly on a widescreen by using Split Screen.

So, Apple Inc. unveiled the split Screen with the release of MacOS X El Capitan, and the later operating systems also own this feature. For your information, the latest MacOS is MacOS Big Sur. The operating system offers you tons of handy and eye-catching features. So, if you are a Windows you can give it a try on your PC by virtualization.

Which Macintosh Operating System Supports The Split Screen?

Well, the Split Screen is a handy feature, which is included in the new operating system. Bear in mind, not only Macintosh operating system and iOS offers its users the Split Screen feature. Assuming that, you are an Android user you can use this feature on your smartphone easily. But, be aware that you are using the newer version than Android Marshmellow which is the 6th version of the Andriod Operating system. On windows, the split view feature came with Windows XP. If you are using Linux Ubuntu, Mint, or other Linux Operating system you can use the Split Screen feature.

In case, you are a Mac user, you need MacOS X El Capitan or a newer MacOS version to use the Split Screen feature. For your information, MacOS X El Capitan is the twelfth major release of Apple Inc. It Precedes OS X 10.10 Yosemite and Succeeds MacOS 10.12 Sierra. And, the latest Macintosh operating system is MacOS Catalina that is the 16th major release of Apple Inc.

How to Split Screen on a Mac Computer?

By this heading, we are going to show you How to use the Split Screen on macOS in the below steps.

No.1: How to Split the Screen on Mac?

Step 1: Move the pointer and hover over the full-screen button in the upper-left corner of the window Or click on the button and hold (For macOS Catalina). For other Mac operating systems just click on the full-screen button and hold.

Step 2: Select Title Window to the Left of Screen to split the windows to the left or Select Title Window to the Right of Screen to split the windows to the right Bear in mind, this step is for macOS Catalina for other Macintosh operating systems, As you hold the button the windows will shrink and you can drag that to left or right.

Step 3:  Do the same above step on a new window and shift that to the other side of the window.

No.2: How to Adjust the Split Screen on Mac?

Besides being handy the Split new is customizable. So, you can use apps side by side without the destruction of any other app while working. There will be no pop-message notification and no jumping Dock icons. So, you can use in particular take 100% focused.

#1: Click anywhere on the working window.

#2: Move the pointer to the top of the screen and show the menu bar.

#3: To change the position of the window swap it to the other side.

#4: Drug the vertical line between the windows to adjust the window width.

#5: Now switch to the other apps or the desktop by Mission Control. Or, use a Multi-Touch gesture to swipe left or right.

No.3: How to Exit the Split Screen on Mac?

#1: Being in the Split screen, move the point to the top to show the window buttons.

#2: Now click on the full-screen button to exit the Split screen.

#3: So, the other windows switch to full screen. Also, you can switch to full-screen windows by Mission Control Or use Multi-Touch to swipe.

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In this article, I brought to you How to Split Screen a on Mac  Computer in very easy steps. So, follow the steps to have better use of your mac computer. Because the split screen is a handy feature of the new operating system. If you are a graphic designer, programmer, or web developer this feature will help you to focus on your tasks away from disturbance.


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