How to Run Windows on Mac using Virtual Machine (VirtualBox) ?

Windows 10 is the latest version of the Microsoft Operating system. And, It was released by Microsoft Corporation on July 29, 2015. So, if you are a MacOS user and you want to give it a try Windows 10. So, no reason to worry because in this article we will cover How to Run Windows on Mac Computer using Virtual Machine (Virtualbox).

There are rumors about the release of Windows 11. Bear in mind, this news is completely wrong. Because Microsoft Corporation shows no will on developing a new Operating system. But, the plan of Microsoft about the future of  Windows is to keep updating Windows 10. However, Microsoft released the latest updates for Windows 10  on May 10, 2020. So, Windows 10 owns tons of eye-catching features.

However, we have different options while selecting an operating system. But Microsoft is select by 87.8% of computer users all over the world. And, Windows 10 is the best operating system ever Microsoft offered users. Because it is very easy to use with tons of amazing and handy features.

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Windows 10 New Update Name

The Microsoft Windows 10 new update has got an alias. However, the update name might a little strange and confusing but Microsoft decided to name the latest update according to its release time and season. Like, Windows 10 May update or Windows 10 Spring update. Beforetime, a few names were used for the recent updates like Windows 10 build 2004 and Windows 10 20H1.

What is new in Windows 10 Recent update?

As we all know Windows 10 is full of new features. But, Microsoft brought new features in its every update for Windows 10. So, these updates have one purpose and that is to make your computer more user-friendly and improve security. And, these features are Auto data back up, create events quickly, Paste from your cloud clipboard, A sleek new look, pointer flexibility, Windows font flexibility, Update pause till the convenient time, recommended troubleshooting, snip and sketch, and Kaomojis.

No.1:  Auto data backup: This new feature helps you to backup your precious files and folder automatically. So this will increase your privacy and security. And, Windows uses OneDrive for this purpose. To enable the AutoSave feature, follow the below steps.

    1. Select OneDrive -> Setting.
    2. on the AutoSave tab -> select Update Folder.

No.2: Create Events quickly: From your taskbar, you can add a new event or reminder to your calendar. So, just enter the date and time and enter the detail of your events.

No.3: Paste from your cloud clipboard: Microsoft helps users to manage cloud data easily. Because now you can copy and paste your images and texts from one PC to another PC by cloud-based clipboard. So, the following steps guide you to use this feature.

    1. Click on Start -> Setting -> System -> Clipboard.
    2. Switch to turn on Both Clipboard History and Sync across devices.
      Now by pressing Windows + V, you can access your clipboard.

No.4: A sleek new look: As a good look for everything is very important. However, every app is moving towards dark mode. So, here Windows offer you a toggle option between light and dark mode. So, you can choose the color of your operating system as your own choice and desire. Moreover, the dark mode is more supported by users. So, Enable dark mode as below.

    1. Click on Start -> Setting -> Personalize -> Color.
    2. Select your favorite color mode (Either dark mode or light mode).

No.5: Pointer Flexibility: Alongside other features, Microsoft worked on Pointer. In case, you have any problem with the size and color of the mouse pointer. So, don’t worry because Microsoft brings options for you. So you can easily edit the mouse pointer according to your desire. Moreover below steps will show you how to edit the pointer.

    1. Click on Start -> Setting.
    2. go to Ease of Access -> Cursor and pointer

No.6: Windows font flexibility: Windows offer users a new option by that users can change the size of  Windows default font. Just by accessing the setting and moving the slider, you can make fonts bigger or smaller.

    1. Click on Start -> Setting.
    2. From Ease of Access Click on Display adjust the slider to change the size of the font.

No.7: Update Pause till the convenient Time: Previously on Windows 10 while updating we had no choice to pause the updates till the convenience and proper time. But, Microsoft is solving your problem by releasing the recent updates. So, just by following the below steps, you can pause Windows updates for a proper time.

    1. Press the Windows button on your keyboard -> Setting -> Update & Security -> Windows Update.
    2. Now Select the Pause Limit.

No.9: Recommended Troubleshooting: Microsoft wants to keep your computer smooth and healthy. That’s why gives you the option to troubleshoot and fix the issues. So, Click on Start -> Setting -> Update & Security -> Troubleshoot.

No.10: Snip and Sketch: The old screen snip with some new updates known as snip and sketch. Because with the help of this tool you can snip and edit screenshots. And, you can use this tool quickly just Press Windows + Shift + S. So then you will the screen will darken and the cursor will appear as a cross. Now, choose a starting point and left-click, Now move the cursor to the end of the area you want to capture. Now the select area’s screenshot will appear on the screen.

No.11: Kaomojis: Windows 10 Spring updates bring new eye-catching stickers alongside its keyboard shortcuts, that help users to get to them easily.

Enough intro, Let learn How to run Windows on Mac Computer using Virtual Machine. Bear in mind, we are using VirtualBox to run Windows on Mac.

What is a Virtual Machine(VM) and Virtualization?

#1: Virtual Machine: A Virtual Machine (VM) is a computer Emulator Application or Software that is designed and developed to function as a physical computer. However it is it works like a physical computer, but it is a virtual computer that performs on the CPU, Memory (RAM), storage, and network interface of the host computer. Some popular Virtual Machines are VMware, VirtualBox, Hyper-V (Windows), SandBox, and BootCamp.

#2: Virtualization: Virtualization refers to the use of a particular application or software that allows you to run multiple Operating systems on a single computer simultaneously. The operating system can be from a different platform such as Linux, Macintosh, Windows, Unix, or Android, etc. So, virtualization is the only way through which we will be able to run Windows on Mac Computer.

How to Run Windows on Mac Computer using Virtual Box?

Well, Let’s learn How to Run Windows on Mac. To do the task you need to download Windows 10 Image file and Virtualbox. However, It is not easy to install Windows on MacOS Catalina, but we show you the simplest and easiest method of installation. Moreover, I am sure you can do it by the below steps.

Step 1: Download Windows 10 ISO(Image) file

You can download Windows 10 Image file from other sources as well. But we prefer you to visit Windows official website and download the updated version of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

  1. Go to the “official website of Microsoft Windows”.
  2. Then, click on the “Download Tool Now” and wait for a while.
  3. After that, “double-click” on the downloaded file.
  4. Then click on the “Yes” button and wait to get the file ready.
  5. Now click on “Accept” to agree with Microsoft Terms and Conditions.
  6. Now on What do you want to do you have two options. So the first option (Upgrade this PC now) is for upgrading but we need the image file for installation, therefore select the second option (Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC) for the Image file.
  7. Click on “Next”.
  8. Now select the ISO file” and click on Next”.
  9. Select the folder or location where you want to save the file and wait for the progress. (Here it will take a while depending on your internet speed).
  10. When downloading is done, click on the Finish” button.
    The image file is downloaded.

Step 2: Download VirtualBox For Mac

VirtualBox is open-source software. Hence, it is free to use. And it is a product of Oracle. So, Oracle develops this software for every platform whether Macintosh, Windows, Linux, and Solaris operating system. So, to download VirtualBox got its official website and download it for free.

Download VirtualBox
Download VirtualBox

Step 3: Install VirtualBox on Mac

After downloading VirtualBox Mac hosts, you have to install that on your Mac Computer. So, follow the below steps to install VirtualBox on Macintosh.

  1. Find the downloaded file from your download folder and double-click on the setup file.
  2. Now on the welcome page click on the “Next” button.
  3. The custom setup page will appear now click on the “Next” button.
  4. On the setup features page click on the “Next” button.
  5. Click in “Yes” and accept the network interface default setups.
  6. It is the last step, click on the “Install” button to start the installation.
  7. Wait for a while then click on “Finish” to end up installation.

Step 4: Install VirtualBox Extension Pack

Bear in mind, don’t skip installing VirtualBox Extension Pack, because while using Virtualbox you will face keyboard and mouse errors. Hence, this extension pack fixes mouse and keyboard errors. So, the below steps will show you how to install VirtualBox Extension Pack.

  1. Download VirtualBox Extension Pack from VirtualBox’s official website.
  2. Launch VirtualBox goto File” tab -> “Preferences”.
  3. Now click on “Extension”.
  4. On the right side of your window find the browse button and click on the plus sign icon.
  5. Find and select the downloaded VirtualBox Extension Pack file and click on “Open”.
  6.  Now click on the “Install” button to install Extension Pack.
  7.  Agree with the terms and conditions of VirtualBox.
  8. Wait till the installation is complete and click on the “OK” button.

Step 5: Create a New VM for Windows 10

Our Virtual Machine is ready. So now we are gonna create a new Virtual Machine for Windows 10. Follow the below steps.

1:  Open VirtualBox and click on the “New” button.

2: Name your new Virtual Machine “Windows 10” and click on “Next”.

3. Increase “Memory size” to 2048MB.

4: Now select  “Create a virtual hard disk now” and click on the “Create” button.

5: Select the “VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk)” and click on “Next”.

6: Here select the “Dynamically Allocated” and click on the “Next” button.

7: Now set the file location by clicking on the “browse” button and then set the file size (Recommended file size for Windows 10 is from 50MB to 100GB) and click on “Create”.

Step 6: Insert Windows 10 Image File

In this step, we are going to insert the downloaded Windows 10 ISO or image file into our new Virtual Machine. So, Restart VirtualBox before getting to this.

1: After creating Windows 10 Virtual Machine, click on the newly created Virtual Machine and click on the “Setting”.

How to run Windows on Mac
Click on Setting

2: Now click on “Display” and check the “Enable 3D Acceleration” checkbox.

Enable 3D
Enable 3D

3: Here, click on the “Storage” tab and click on “Empty” and find and click on the small CD/DVD icon upright.

How to run windows on mac
Insert Windows ISO Image File

4: Click on “Windows 10.iso” and click on “OK”.

Windows Image File
Windows Image File

Step 7: Start Windows 10 on MacOS Catalina using VirtualBox

This is the final step. So, now we are going to turn on and start Windows 10 on MacOS Catalina using VirtualBox. So, now double-click on the newly created Virtual Machine and click on the “Start” Button.

1: After your Virtual Machine starts up, Windows 10 install windows will appear. So don’t touch anything click on the “Next” button.

how to run windows on mac
Click Next

2: Click on the “Install Now” button.

how to run Windows on mac
Install Now

3: Here Windows Activation key will appear. So, if you have a product Enter it in the textbox otherwise click on “I don’t have a Product Key” and click on the “Next” button.

How to run windows on mac
Product Key

4: In this step, we are selecting the type of installation. In case, we want to upgrade we would click on the first option (upgrade). As now we are installing a fresh Windows click on the “Custom: Install Window Only (advanced)”.

how to run windows on mac
Custom Install Windows only

5: Now create a partition for your hard disk according to your data and usage. So, when the partition is complete select the “Drive 0 Partition 2” and click on the “Next” button.

how to run windows on mac

6: The final step of the Windows installation wait a while.

how to run windows on mac
Getting Files Ready for installation

After getting your windows ready just do these simple steps and Windows will be all yours.

  • Select your region/country and click on “Next“.
  • Select the keyboard layout and click on the “Yes” button.
  • Now skip the second keyboard layout by clicking on the “Skip” button.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes, then two options will appear, select the first option, and click on “Next”.
  • Here click on the “Offline account”. Now enter a Name, Password, and Password hint for your account and click on the “Next” button.
  • Click on “No” and click on the “Accept” and then Accept the privacy setting by clicking on the “Accept” button.
    Now Windows 10 is ready on your MacOS Catalina, Just wait for serval minutes and don’t turn off your computer.

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Today in this article, we cover How to Run Windows on Mac Computer using VirtualBox. So, The steps I share with you are very easy and simple. So give them a try. MacOS Catalina is the latest version of the Macintosh Operating system that owns tons of the best features. As well as Windows 10 is the latest operating system of Microsoft Corporation. These two reasons make us selecting these operating systems for our article. Otherwise, we can install any operating system on a Virtual Machine on any host.


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