How to Make Bootable USB Windows 10 ? By Software and CMD

Mostly you need a clean windows installation on your PC. Therefore, we can install Windows on your PC in several methods such as using a CD/DVD, or a network server. As well, we have another friendly option. So, that is the USB drive. Beer in mind, you have to bootable and copy the windows installation file in the USB drive before starting Windows installation. So, In this article, we are gonna talk all about, How to Make Bootable USB Windows 10?

For your information, the USB (Universal Serial Bus) drive is a secondary storage device. So, It stores data permanently (until the user deletes the data). Flash memory or USB Flash drive comes in the category of EEPROM (Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory). Hence, easily you can delete the existing data and paste new data into it.

The USB drive is a non-volatile memory. Though, mostly it is in use for moving data from one PC to another or other digital devices. As well, it offers a large space for data. So, you can store up to 2TB (terabyte) data in a USB drive as 2018. So, USB drives can keep your data from 10 to 100 years under normal circumstances. Remember, it depends on the quality and brand of the USB drive.

Enough intro! Let jump into the topic, How to make a bootable flash drive Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. So, we are gonna use the two easiest methods to create a bootable USB drive for installing Windows. In the first method, we are going to use softwares/programs to do the task. And, in the second method, we are gonna use Windows command prompt or CMD to make USB or Flash bootable.

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5 best USB bootable Softwares

Below, we have a list of the 5 best USB bootable software. So, just click on any of them and get the official website to download the software. These Softwares are very light-weighted and less in size.

How to Make Bootable USB Windows 10?

Now, we are gonna use the two methods to create a bootable USB drive. So, stay with me, and follow all the steps one by one. Because, if you are a rookie just one false step can create a problem for you and waste your time. In case, you are not a rookie then you can manage the problem. If you face more problems, so No reason to worry. You can ask me in the comment section below the article.

Make a Bootable USB drive using the Windows USB/DVD tool

Windows USB/DVD Tool is a Microsoft Windows application used for creating a bootable USB Fash. So, among 5 USB Bootable Softwares, I m gonna use Windows USB/DVD too to create a bootable drive. Because it is small in size and easy to use. You can use any of them.

I recommend you. give all of them a try and use the best one for you. To your knowledge, Power ISO is a multi-purpose application. So, using Power ISO, you can compress, encrypt, decrypt files and create a bootable USB by the Windows installation file.

So, let start creating a bootable USB drive. Take heed, If you have data in USB flash. Create a backup of the data. Because in this process the application formats the flash and you will lose your data. So, after installing the Windows USB/DVD tool, connect the USB drive to your computer

Step 1: Double click and execute the software.

How to Make Bootable USB Windows 10
Run the App

Step 2: Browse the ISO file of the targeted operating software and click on the “Next” button.

How to Make Bootable USB Windows 10
Browse ISO File

Step 3: Click on “USB device”.

how to make bootable usb windows 10
Select USB Device

Step 4: Find the removable device USB drive and click on the “Begin copying” button.

Find Removable Device
Find Removable Device

Step 5: Wait for a while, until the data copy process completes.

Windows 10 bootable USB
File Copying Process

Make a Bootable U SB drive by the Windows Command Prompt/CMD

Now, we are gonna have a look at the second method. So, in this method, we are going to use a few specific CMD commands to create a bootable USB drive. Bear in mind, Command Prompt/CMD is the CLI of MS Windows. We can instruct the computer system by the CMD as well, just we need to know the specific commands for specific tasks.

Before starting the process connect the USB drive to your computer. Now press win+r and type diskpart (don’t try to write disk part because it is a command and space matters here) in the run dialogue box located on the right bottom corner of the windows screen to execute the cmd.

Note: Type all the command as it is.

1st step: Type “list disk” to view the available storage device.

2nd step: Type “select disk 1” to select the USB drive. As I have the hard drive and USB flash connected to my computer, it shows only two disks. In your case, it can be more. So be aware of which device you are selecting. Hence, if you select the wrong wrong disk. So, the next command will remove all the data stored in the disk.

3rd step: Type “Clean” to clean the disk.

4th step: Type “cre par pri” or “create partition primary”.

5th step: Type “Format fs=ntfs quick” to format the USB drive to NTFS (New technology Filling System).

6th step: Type “active” and close the cmd.

By CMD and Software
CMD Command to make Bootable USB Windows 10

Now just copy the windows installation file to the USB and it is done.

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Today, you learned, How to make bootable USB windows 10. So, I hope these two methods helped you to do it yourself next time. These methods are very easy to learn and remember. So, give other applications also a try and give us feedback on your use. So be happy and have a blast.


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