How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on iOS, Android, and Web?

WhatsApp is a messenger App used by 1.5 billion people all around the world monthly. In case, you are one of the WhatsApp users, you might be aware of WhatsApp dark mode. Alongside being cool, the dark mode has several scientific advantages such as eye strain reduction, less battery consumption, and more. Therefore, we are going to show you, Enable WhatsApp Dark mode on iOS, Android, and Web.

One of the most common features in today’s Applications is the Dark Mode. Every App is switching the light theme appearance to the dark mode. Even operating systems are moving towards the dark mode. Officially, Google enhanced the look of Android by the Dard Mode through Android 10. Windows stepped into the race by releasing the Windows May 10, 2019 updates. Apple switches iOS light mode to dark mode by September 19, 2019. As well, Macintosh offers users the dark mode.

Alongside operating systems, almost all of the new Apps support the dark mode such as Messengers, Games, and all other Apps. WhatsApp stepped into the arena by January 2020. After having a look at it in the beta version. Moreover, web browsers also offer dark mode. Fortunately, now every WhatsApp user can change to the cool dark theme of WhatsApp, whether using iOS, Android, or Web.

What are the Advantages of the Dark Mode?

  • According to the views of some experts dark mode reduces the effects of light for people who are sensitive to light intensity or ocular impairment.
  • The dark mode consumes less power. Hence your system’s battery will last longer.
  • The low light screen decreases the mental disturbance that occurs due to intense light rays.
  • The eye strain and dry eye in low light conditions wane due to dark mode.
  • Normally the Blue Lights emit from the screen on the light mode that can disturb your sleep while using your smartphone at bedtime. Fortunately, the dark mode emits fewer Blue lights that help you sleep better.

What are the disadvantages of the Dark Mode?

  • Bear in mind, dark mode is not good always beneficial for eye strain. The long term can increase eye fatigue that causes eye pain and visual blurriness.
  • Sometimes it is a problem to read thinner texts in dark mode due to the high amount of opposite colors.
  • Unfortantually, not all of the systems save battery on dark mode. In case, you are using an old system with an LCD screen your battery life is the same on light mode. For saving battery on dark mode, you need an OLED (Organic Light-emitting-diode) screen on your system.

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on iOS?

As above we said, the dark mode is now available in iPhone or iOS Apps. Just make sure you are using iOS 13 for better results. In case you have not Installed WhatsApp yet, go to the App Store download and Install WhatsApp version 2.20.30 or later for free. Afterward, configure WhatsApp by your Mobile Number. To Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp using iOS, follow the below easy steps.

1: Navigate to the Settings, and look for the Display and Brightness Option.

Display and Brightness
Display and Brightness

2: Now Tap on Dark to switch from Light mode to the Dark mode.

Switch from Light to Dark

Alternatively, you can go to the Control Center and Tap on Dark Mode. 

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode
Control Center

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android?

Enabling WhatsApp on Android is simple than iOS. Because you can go dark from the WhatsApp settings. So, now let’s have a look at How to Enable WhatsApp Dark mode on Android. So, just make sure to update WhatsApp to the latest version. Well, updating is not important but it is better.

To enable dark mode, go to Settings -> Chats in the Display category you will find the Theme option. Now Tap on Theme, Select Dark, and Tap on OK.

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode
How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on the Web?

Unlike other Apps using WhatsApp on the Web is a piece of cake. All you have to do is Just go to browser and type WhatsApp Web and open the WhatsApp website. You will see a QR code on the screen.

Now open WhatsApp and Click on the three Dots located on the corner of the screen, Tap on WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code on the browser by your smartphone camera.

Lets get back to the topic. Enabling dark mode on web is not a challenge. It is very easy. To to this folow the below two steps.

1: Click on the three dots (…)  shown in the picture. Once, the options appear, Click on Settings.

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode
Setting WhatsApp Web

2: Now Click on Theme. Finally, click on Dark to Enable the Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web.

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode
Click on Dark

I hope this article helped you to Enable Dark mode on WhatsApp. In case of any problem never hasitate to contact us. or let us know in commenct section. Stay blessed.


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