How to Backup Mac To External Hard Drive?

Backup is the copy of physical or virtual data to a secondary location. So, the purpose of data backup is to prevent the loss of data in any sudden case. Today, we will present you How to Backup Mac to an External Hard drive. Therefore, If you are a Mac lover or user then this article is for you. Because we are going to show you how to protect your data safely and prevent its loss.

Sometimes, you might lose your personal data. Therefore, you have observed that loss of data always creates problems. So, think of an organization or a company that exchanges millions or more in a single hour. In case, they lose their data what kind of crisis are they going to face?

Accordingly, let’s have a glance at the importance of data for an organization. Data is a collection of facts that can affect product creativity, profits enhancement/decrement, decision making, and reliability of an organization. Simply data plays an important role in any organization. Because all the futures plans and decisions depend on the past of the organization. And, data is the only representative that represents the current and past conditions of the organization.

This is the reason that an organization is paying a huge amount of money for the only purpose to back up its data. So, backup of your data is the only source that can restore your lost personal data. Moreover, simply a copy of your data can save your company or organization from big financial losses. So, always create a backup of your data in an external hard drive. In case of primary storage failure, you have your data in a subsidiary location.

Free Backup Software/Application for Macintosh

Alongside external hard drives, several applications allow users to back up their data without anycast. However, you can use this application for personal purposes. Because most of free back up application limits the amount of data. But, these applications are not recommended for business purposes. Although, if own a small business you can use an online storage application such as iCloud it allows you to store a bigger amount of data. So, I am going to share with you 5 storage applications that you can use as a backup space for your valuable data.

Apple iCloud

It is an Apple cloud storage and cloud computing service. So, more than 782 million users use iCloud. This application is not only for Macintosh but, iOS and Windows users also can use this application. However, this application can be used as a data backup storage for your photos, audios, videos, and other important files and data.

Apple iCloud offers you quite enough space. So, at the time you create an account and log in, it offers you 5GB free space. In case, you need more storage space so, no reason to worry you can upgrade iCloud storage up to 2TB.

Google Drive

It is an application of Google Inc. So, it allows you to store data on the Google server and synchronize across different devices for further use. Bear in mind, Google Drive is an open-source application. Also, it is not platform-dependent, you can use it on any platform. So, just download the application and log in. It offers 15GB of free storage space.

Box Cloud Storage

Box cloud storage is a cloud computing storage that provides tools to upload, share, and store data on the box server. It offers 10GB of free space. It is free to use and available for every computer, smartphone, tablet, and iPads. So, download it for free and give it a try.


Dropbox is an open-source and cross-platform cloud storage application. So, you can use Dropbox on every platform such as Macintosh, Windows, Android, or iOS. Although it is very safe and easy to use. Moreover, it offers you 2GB storage space for free at zero casts. In case, you want more space you can get it but you have to select a paid plan from the official website of Dropbox.

Time Machine

Apple introduced the Time Machine application with the release of macOS X Leopard. However, this application is used for data backup. Although, when you turn on the Time Machine on Mac it starts backing up your data such as photos, documents, audio, and videos, etc. It starts back up automatically as hourly, daily, and weekly. The Time Machine creates an easy way to back up to the external hard drive.

Best Online Application for data Backup for Mac (The Apple iCloud)

Apple offers you various iCloud storage plans. As we know the iCloud offers 2GB of storage space for free. In case, you need more space we can visit the Apple website for paid plans. Apple offers storage 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB space at different prices. Bear in mind, iCloud is secure and there is zero possibility of data loss. Well, other cloud storage applications are beneficial and safe. So, you can try any of them according to your work and knowledge, and experience.

How to Backup Mac To External Hard Drive?

In this heading, I am going to show you How to back up Mac To External Hard Drive in a few easiest steps. Remember that we are using the Time Machine application to create the backup. So, first of all, connect your external hard drive to your mac computer. Take heed, Time Machine will erase the data in your external hard disk so make sure that the hard disk is empty.

Step 1: After connecting the external hard disk to the computer, A new menu will appear and ask “Do you want to use (External Hard Drive Name) to back up with Time Machine”. Now click on “Use as Back-Up Disk” because you are using disk for backup.

Backup Disk
Back-Up Disk

Now Go to “Spotlight” and search for “Time Machine” and then click on Time Machine to open it.

How to Backup Mac To External Hard Drive
Time Machine

Step 2: Here Time Machine will ask you to erase the External Hard Drive because you are using it for data backup. So, select the drive as backup and click on the “Erase” button to format the drive.

How to Backup Mac To External Hard Drive
Click on Erase

Step 3: Now check the checkbox “Back Up Automatically” and “Show Time Machine in the menu bar”.

How to Backup Mac To External Hard Drive

Step 4: After checking the two checkboxes. The Time Machine icons will appear at the menu bar. So, click on the “Back Up Now” option.

How to Backup Mac To External Hard Drive
Back-Up Now

Step 5: The Time Machine starts the backup process. So, be patient and wait until the process finishes.

Back Up Process
Back-Up Process

When the process complete. Then you can disconnect the external hard drive. Remember, direct disconnecting the drive can cause a potential disk error. So, navigate to “Volume” and right-click on the hard drive, and select “Eject”. It is a safe way to unplug the external hard drive and other external storage devices.

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As I shared the importance of data. So, always try to create a backup of your data daily wise. However, it is the best way to restore any lost data. So, by this article, I show you How To Backup Mac To External Hard Drive on Mac. I hope it will help to create your data backup. Follow the steps one by one and be careful, create a backup of your external hard drive data before using it for new data backup. Because Time Machine will erase all the data before creating the backup.


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