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Browser is the bridge between your computer and the Web pages you access. Whenever you search for anything on the internet. You prefer to use the best web browser. However, we have many more options when it comes to browsers. But, a browser should grant us the best privacy services, handy extensions, and a user-friendly interface. So, being a Macintosh user do you ever think of a better web browser, or what are the Best Web Browsers for Mac? So today we are going to review Best Web Browsers for Mac.

Safari is the default and pre-installed web browser of all Apple products. It doesn’t matter you are using Macbook, iPhone, or iPad, Safari is your built-in web browser. However, Safari is a complete browser with tons of advanced security and reliability features.

So, being a default application of a system doesn’t mean, it is the best. We have numerous choices to replace Safari for purpose of better performance. Therefore, today we are going to talk about the Best Web Browsers for Mac in 2021. So, our list includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi, and Opera.

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What are the Best Web Browsers of Mac in 2021?

Well, going with one web browser along numerous same-purpose apps is not easy. I recommend you, select the web browser according to your will and tasks. For instance, you surfing the internet just for documentation or domestic purposes. So, go with the default browser because it provides you enough service to shield your privacy. on the other hand, interface and speed are also good enough.

In case, you are standing on the bigger platform, you need to choose according to your online tasks. Maybe, you may need tons of extensions for ease of your work. Bear in mind, every browser does not offer you the same extension with the same services. We have prepared a list of 10 of the Best Web Browsers for Mac, alongside Safari. So, stay with us to know about the Best Web Browsers for Mac.

1: Google Chrome

best web browsers for mac
Google Chrome

Well, Chrome or Google Chrome is developed by Google. If We say it is the best Web Browser, we are not wrong. Because more than 56% of internet traffic passes through Google Chrome. It is due to the speed, efficiency, privacy, and functionality of the App. For your information, Google Chrome was written in C++. So, it handles web pages using the Blink engine.

Google Chrome offers you an eye-catching, easily customizable interface with infinite themes. In the case of extension wealth, Chrome is the wealthy among all other browsers. Because it offers its users 150,000+ extensions. Including, Grammarly to enhance your writing and determine grammar and spelling difficulties,  AdBlock to prevent every popping-up advertisement, and thousands more. Moreover, Chrome offers you a single field fusion search bar, which is amazing.

You can access your bookmarks, saved password, history, and even added chrome extensions just by synchronizing Chrome with your Google (Gmail) account. Moreover, the cross-synchronization between devices is pretty handy. You can sync devices just by logging in with a common Gmail account. If you are concerned with your data, take it easy because in every login attempt you will receive a Gmail confirmation code. In case, any third person interferes you just have not to allow it. And, your privacy is secure.

Besides other features, Chrome has an eye-catching interface, alongside a customizable appearance. Inside the Chrome store alongside thousands of extensions, you will find numerous free themes. With them, you can customize the UI by your own choices.

Features of Google Chrome

  • Handy website task manager
  • Wealthy extension library
  • Parental control support by managing Child activities
  • The fastest web browser among others
  • Cross-platform App
  • Sandbox security model prevents interaction with the operating system’s functions

Download Google Chrome for Mac

2: Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox

Once Mozilla Firefox was the best Web browser and the king of the internet. It has been the Swiss Army Knife of the Internet Since 2002. Unfortunately, the time has not been polite with the king of the internet. Although, the new Firefox quantum upgrade brings lots of change to the browser and enhances its performance.

Moreover, your privacy has always been the priority of Mozilla Firefox. It shields your virtual privacy by customizable features such as Tracking Protection, Private Browsing, Firefox Lockwise, Password Management, Container, and Firefox Monitor.

Although, Mozilla is not fast as Chrome. But, if you are low on RAM then, this browser is recommended for you. Mozilla Firefox offers you an amazing and customizable user-interface. You can select one theme for your browser among hundreds free available on the store. Also, it can ease your task with the help of helpful extensions.

Mozilla Firefox is a cross-platform open-source web browser. You can download and use it on any operating system such as Macintosh, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Features of Mozilla Firefox

  • Excellent defense system for your security
  • Fast – not as Google Chrome but recommended for the low RAM systems
  • Flexible UI
  • Cross-platform App

Download Mozilla Firefox for Mac

3: Brave

Best web browsers for mac

Brave was attained into the technology world by Jan 2016. As it is a young web browser among others. But, it is just great. It is based on Chromium and looks similar to Chrome as UI. The young brave has to offer you handy and eye-catching features and exceptional performance and speed.

At the top of the list comes the built-in adblocker that blocks that third-party and malicious ads that compromise your browsing security by monitoring your activities. Like other browsers, Brave offers you tons of impressive extensions that ease your works. As well as most of the chrome extensions are useable in Brave browser. You can access the extension from the Google Chrome Store.

Unlike other browsers, the Brave browser offers you a built-in free VPN and Firewall to enhance your security by encrypting your data on both ends. Moreover, the shield feature blocks all cookies, trackers, and fingerprinting. These features are accessible from the shield menu and you can enable and disable any of the features. The user-interface is very impressive, easy to understand, good-looking, and easy to navigate.

Also, you can access your saved bookmarks by syncing across devices. Alongside, these handy features brave is just low in update frequency. So, we recommend you give it a try, even if your computer is low in memory. Because the RAM consumption of Brave browser is less than other mac web browsers.

Features of Brave browser

  • Adblocker blocks the Hijacking Ads
  • Earn by watching privacy-respecting Ads
  • Customizable features
  • Elegant security and privacy
  • Across-platform application
  • Built-in Password Manager
  • Browser data cleaner

Download Brave for Mac

4: Vivaldi


Vivaldi browser is presented by the developers of Opera. This browser radically targets privacy and customization. Like Brave, Vivaldi also blocks unwanted ads by the built-in ad blocker.  You can change the tracking level from the setting to block or allow the tracking. It keeps your cookies, temporary files, and browsing history secret by the feature called Private Window.

It allows you to install and use Google Chrome extensions from the chrome store. Vavaldi has very impressive UI. You can customization everything in the appearance. As well, it offers you hundreds of color themes. Even you can move things by drag and drop and replace them by your own will.

Vivaldi is one of the best browsers for Mac. Like, Opera has a sidebar, where you can check for downloads and activities. You can access your bookmarks by syncing to your account across devices. Unfortunately, it has not released the iOS version yet. But we hope that it will all the platforms with its eye-catching and handy features.

Features of Brave browser

  • Amazing user UI control
  • Strong security and privacy policy
  • Built-in features
  • Compatible with Google Chrome extensions

Download Vivaldi for Mac

5: Edge

best web browsers for mac
Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is an application for MS Windows. As well, it is the default web browser of Windows 10. But in 2020 Microsoft decided to bring Edge forward. Ahead, a new version of Edge is developed and brought in the race alongside open-source web browsers. In Edge, there is not thing much exceptional. Perhaps it owns the feature that the above web browsers own.

For instance, its privacy policy is not just excellent but customizable. It prevents tracking by a Tracking Prevention feature. By navigating to the setting you will find the tracking prevention option. From where you can change the prevention level to Basic, Balance, or Strict. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen protects you from phishing, malicious website, and malicious download files.

Another handy feature of Edge is “Webpages Collection” by which you can use web content in MS Office documents easily. Like other browsers, you can use the Google Chrome extension inside Edge to ease your work. Also, you can sync your email to access your bookmark across devices.

Features of Brave browser

  • Best Security and protection
  • Compatible with Chrome extensions
  • Synchronization across different devices
  • Cross-platform Application

Download Vivaldi for Mac

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Today, we present to you the Best Web Browsers for Mac. These browsers are defiantly good alternatives for Safari. Because their security is exceptional, performance is amazing and UI is very flexible. But, we recommend you choose a browser accordingly to your work. Because Good browsers require a better system. Still, you have choices to go with. So, select a good browser keeping in mind your system and tasks.


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