Best VPN for Android Free in 2021 – Ultimate Guide

Going with a secure VPN App for Android or other platforms is challenging. Because there are more than 200 free and paid VPN Apps inside the Play Store. Among these VPN apps, some of them may not grant our privacy. Hence, today we are going to talk about the 5 Best VPN for Android free in 2021.

The Apps we are going to talk about are trustworthy and user-friendly. They offer you both, free and paid plans. In case, you are using a VPN to browse restricted websites. So, you may go with the free plan. Because they provide you different virtual locations that can connect you to the 3rd location’s servers. So, if you are using the App to access your server remotely then, a free plan is never recommended to you.

Bear in mind, VPN is only used for security reasons. Although, it is allowed to be installed and used on your PC, smartphone, and tablets. So, here a question arises, Is VPN banned anywhere around the world. The answer is YES. We can use VPNs all over the world, other than these 10 counties, Russia, China, North Korea, UAE, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Turkey, Uganda, Belarus, and Oman.

What is a VPN and How it works?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a private network protracted across the public network known as the Internet. A VPN encrypts your regional location and your shared resources (data) such as videos, audios, documents, and even login information across the network.

VPN hides your online integrity by obscuring your IP address along with the network to protects your personal PII (personally identifiable information).

Using a VPN or a virtual private network is the best way to create a highly secure private connection in the public internet connection. A private network gives you privacy and anonymity across the public network. Therefore, you are not easily traceable.

So, a VPN can help you to do the following.

  • Protect from snooping on unreliable Wi-Fi hotspot connections.
  • Online streaming media.
  • Protect your identity while browsing a website by hiding your location.
  • Allow you to access restricted website servers safely.

How to select a VPN?

Selecting a VPN is dependent on the requirements of your tasks. So, if you are using a VPN for domestic or personal purposes. So, you can use a Free and reliable VPN App from a trustworthy source. In case, you want to use a VPN for professional purposes or remote connection then, you should purchase a paid VPN App from a trustworthy source to get time to time update to stay completely secure.

What is the Best VPN for Android Free in 2021?

We prepared a list of the best VPN for Android Free in 2021. Every VPN app has its own attributes. So, read every App and select it by your own need and working requirements.

1. Express VPN

Being one of the most expensive VPN Apps on the market, the Express VPN has been very successful. It is been operating since 2009. And, has shown great consistency and dedication to your privacy. Also, the environment of the Application is very user-friendly that helps every user to manage easily in no time.

Express VPN is a cross-platform application. Therefore, it is available for Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, and iOS. As well, it offers you 160 locations in different 94 countries all over the world with online 3000 servers. where you can download data at the speed of 100Mbps.

The VPN offers you 7 days trial period. Afterward, you have to pay according to your selected plan. So, for 1 month you should pay $12.95 with a 0% discount. And, for 6 months you should pay $9.99 monthly with 23% off. For the 15 month plan, you have to pay $6.67 monthly. Plus, a 49% discount.


  • 160 Locations in 94 countries
  • 30 days money-back grantee and full cancelation options
  • Over 3000 active servers
  • Amazing download speed

  • More expensive than others
  • Limits the configuration options according to plan

Download From Google Play Store

2: Nord VPN

The Nord VPN is one of the best Android VPNs. Because it protects user’s information and data by double encryption and adds blocking. And, it offers more than 5460 servers in more than 59 countries all over the globe. It is very easy to use and can be downloaded and installed from Google Play and NordVPN’s official website.

It offers you unlimited bandwidth by 6 simultaneous connections, Torrenting support, kill switch for Android, support for all Android versions including TV and it can unblock online streaming Netflix, HBO, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Sling TV. NordVPN is compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox.

Let have an eye on the pricing offers of NordVPN. So, Nord charges $11.95/month for the monthly plan. And, if you want long-duration plans it offers you lower prices. So, for a 1-year plan, it charges $4.92/month and, for a 2-year plan it costs $3.71.


  • A large number of servers
  • ┬áP2P allowed
  • Amazing speed score
  • Built-in Ads and Malware blocker
  • Dual encryption and No logging

  • Expensive
  • Lacks in split tunneling

Download From Google Play Store

3: Surfshark VPN

In our today’s list of the 5 Best VPN for Android free on 2021, Surfshark comes third. It offers you 1700+ servers across 65 countries. So, you can start torrenting with this VPN and it also supports kill switching. Moreover, Surfshark can unblock Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, CBS, Amazon Prime Video, and others. It is also compatible with browsers such as google chrome and Firefox. As well as other platforms such as Windows, Linux, iOS, MacOS, and FireTV.

Amazing about Surfshark is that it offers you unlimited simultaneous devices connection. Also, it uses 264-bit encryption which is really hard to decrypt.

Let talk about the deals of Surfshark. So, the one-month plan charges only $12.95. And, a 6-month plan costs you $6.49/month. Other than a monthly and a 6-month plan, it offers you an affordable price by the 2-years plan. It costs you $2.21/month if you select a 24-month plan. Therefore, it is affordable.


  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Budget-friendly
  • Secure encryption

  • Slow connections
  • Limited P2P servers

Download From Google Play Store

4: CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a cross-platform VPN App. It offers more than 6500 servers across 90+ countries. It is capable of unblocking Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Eurosport, ESPN, Comedy Central, and others. Moreover, It supports torrenting with high speed. It uses 254-bit encryption to secure your shared resources.

So, Cyberghost VPN offers you very low costed plans. Although, the monthly plan is expensive. Besides, the monthly plan offers affordable other plans. So, let’s have an eye on each.

The monthly plan costs $12.99. So, if you want a better plan go with the annual plan. Because it costs $3.99/month. And, it offers more discount if you purchase the 24-month plan. So, that costs $3.49/month. So, go to the plan you need.


  • Affordable plans
  • User-friendly interface

  • Slow servers

Download From Google Play Store


5: Private Internet Access VPN

This VPN App offers you over 3300 servers in 29+ countries. It encrypts your receiving and sending data, and exchanges data at the average rate of 25Mbps. This App is a dedicated android App and downloaded more than 1 million and stared 4.6 at the Google Play store.

It is also compatible with other system softwares such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. So, it offers you a bunch of good features. Such as, including TCP and UDP settings, port forwarding support, which allows you to define remote ports, and choose different encryption methods.

Private Internet Access VPN is affordable. So, if you select the monthly plan, it will charge you $9.95/month which is quite not affordable. However, an annual plan costs a very low amount of $3.33/month, and a 3-year plan charges $2.19/month to make your network safe and secure.


  • Affordable
  • split tunneling

  • Similar server locations
  • Not much user-friendly
  • Low speed

Download From Google Play Store

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If you need a VPN App for your internet activity. So, today we brought to you the 5 Best VPN for Android Free in the year 2021. So, have a look at each and go with the App your work demand. But, I recommend you not to take privacy risks to save money. Because privacy comes first in the internet world. So, if you have better recommendations please let us in the comment section.


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