Best Screen Recorder for Android in 2021 – Complete Guide

Android Phone has tons of eye-catching and handy features. So, you might have used most of them to manage your daily business or entertainment activities. But, you might not know about some of the features of Android. So, one of the interesting features of your phone is screen recording using Android built-in or third-party apps. So, today we bring to you the Best Screen Recorder for Android in 2021.

If you are not aware of Screen recording, then this article is only for you. Because the screen recording feature is one of the handiest features of a smartphone. For instance, you are a rookie or pro-level gamer you can record the screen of your smartphone while playing games. Moreover, you can use these recorded videos for online business purposes to create a source of income from your game videos. As gamers do on Youtube.

You may know about screenshots, So plenty of times you share your mobile screenshot to help your friends in solving their smartphone problems. So, Think! isn’t it better to send them a complete video guide by your smartphone? A video guide is hundreds of times better than a screenshot. So, Now you can help your friends in the best way, just by using an App.

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Android Default Screen Recording Apps

Have you ever heard about built-in Apps? If your answer is No. So, don’t worry. Built-in Apps are default Apps that are developed and installed in a smartphone, tablet, or computer by the developer of the system. Such as Calculator, Calander, Weather App, Clock, or others. However, in earlier versions of Android, the accessories apps were built-in. But, Android wants to cover a longer range because of the privacy and security of the users. Because all of the third-party softwares does not worth the trust of a user.

Android 10 Screen Recorder

Google released the latest Android Operating system on September 3, 2019. And named Android 10 or “Q” beyond the old traditional naming method. However, the dessert names were cool such as Jellybean, Pie, or ice cream. But, Google wants to bring new eye-catching changes to Android so that started from the name of the Android operating system. For your information, the upcoming Android operating system is Android 11 or “R”. So, Google will unveil Android 11 in the coming months.

Alongside other eye-catching changes in the Android operating system, you will find a default screen recorder app. So, you would not need any third-party app to record your mobile screen. But, if you are using the earlier version of Android. So, don’t worry because we are going to help you to find the best screen recording app for Android for free.

OPPO Mobile Screen Recorder

OPPO Electronics is an Android Phone manufacturing company found in 2001. So, OPPO uses ColorOS as the operating system. The ColorOS an Android-based operating system with a new look and changes. So, if you are using ColorOS 5.0 or above, OPPO offers you a default screen recorder app that is very easy to access and use. For your information, the latest version of ColorOS is 7.1 release on March 6, 2020.

  1. Swipe down to open Control Center from the top of the screen.
  2.  Touch on Start Screen Recording after, 3-second screen recording will begin.

Vivo Mobile Screen Recorder

If you are using Vivo smartphones, then you would not need any third-party app for recording your mobile screen. Because the new Vivo smartphones bring a default screen recorder app. But, make you are using FuntouchOS 4.0 or above. Bear in mind, Vivo uses an operating system based on Android called FuntouchOS. Follow the below steps to record your mobile screen by the Vivo default screen recorder app.

  1. Slide upward the Control center.
  2. Touch on the S-Capture -> Select Record Screen.

Best Screen Recorder for Android in 2021

Today, we prepared a list of the 5 best Screen Recorders for Android among hundreds of similar apps. So, all of the apps are available in Google Play Store. In case, you are using an older Android version that has no default screen recorders, then you can use these Apps. If you want a better service you can give these apps a try. Bear in mind for better service you have to pay for some of these Apps because the simplex version of the App is free to use. But, you want better services you have to switch to the premium version which has a cost. Remember, you don’t need to root for using any of these apps. So, just download and install then have fun.

#1: AZ Screen Recorder – Video Recorder, Livestream

It is the best screen recording app for android in 2020. So, it is a screen recorder and live streamer. You can record any type of video such as games, youtube, TikTok, or others in high-quality and with no time limitations. AZ screen recorder offers you video recording with internal sound. And it a good tool for gamers who want to record their video. Because it can record gameplay in 1080p, 12Mbps, and 60fps. By using this app you can record your video while interacting with the video steps by Facecam (front camera). It allows you to create GIFs from your mobile screen by the GIF maker. And, you can shake the device to stop the recording.

Moreover, AZ Screen Recorder Video Editor is incredible. Because with the help of Video Editor you can trim, merge, crop, and rotate your recorded video. Also, you can edit audio sounds with this app. In short, this App is a complete App for domestic and professional screen recording purposes.

  • Pros:
    • High-quality video recording (1080p, 12Mbps, with 60 FPS).
    • No root required.
    • No recording time limit.
    • Live game stream with face cam.
    • Best Editor.
  • Cons:
    • Not supported by Lower Android versions (Lower than Android 5.0 Lollypop).
    • Take much time in rendering video.
    • While turning on the Mic the internal voice of the game or any app get muted automatically.


#2: Screen Recorder – No Ads

Among other screen recorder apps, it is the lightest app. It covers just 4.3Mb of the storage. As well, it supports several languages such as English, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. It allows you to record with Facecam and backside cameras in HD quality. Also, it offers you a super basic editor through which you can edit your recorded video. Bear in mind, if you are using the XIAOMI smartphone you have to change permission to allow AutoStart. follow the below steps for allowing change the permission.

  1. go to Security -> Choose Permission -> Screen Recorder turn on the popup window.
  2. Permission -> AutoStart and turn on Screen Recorder.


#3: Screen Recorder & Video Capture, My Video Recorder

This app has a variety of features such as screen capture and video recorder. So, by video recorder, you can record gameplay, live TV shows, and video chats in high-quality and can record the internal sound. Luckily this screen recorder app is free to use, no root is needed for installation, no video recording time limitation, and no watermark. Like other apps it offers a basic video edit through you can edit your recorded video.


#4: ADV Screen Recorder

AVD Screen Recorder has tons of eye-catching features. So, you can record your smartphone or tablet screens in high-quality. It records your video with 2 recording engines called default and advanced engines. This app is flexible to use because it allows you to pause the record while recording and you can use the Facecam and back camera to give your best in recording your video. AVD Screen Recorder app gives a pro-level video editor. So, with the help of the editor, you can create texts and banners, trim video, and edit the internal recorded sound.


#5: Mobizen Screen Recorder – Record, Capture, Edit

At the best screen recorder apps for android, the Mobizen Screen Recorder comes on 5th. So, it is one of the best screen recording apps with incredible features. You can record your videos in high-quality. So, the games can use this app for recording gameplay at 1080p resolution, 12Mbps, and 60fps with Facecam. It offers a video editor through which you can trim, rotate, cut, and merge images and videos. Bear in mind this app to free. So you can remove the app Watermark just make sure your Android version is Kitkat 4.4 or above.


How to Record your Screen on an Android Phone by default Apps?

You can record your screen on the Andriod phone using any of the third-party apps. But the default of any operating system is more secure and reliable. Default apps are easier to use and more flexible. That is why here we are going to show you how to record your screen on an Android Phone by the default app.

So, follow the below step to record your mobile screen on Android 10 using the default app.

Step 1: Slide down the Control Center and touch the Screen recorder.

Step 2: Android gives you a short overview of the screen recorder app. So, here select Media Sounds and Mic to record the internal sound.

Step 3: Tap on the Start icon to start screen recording.

Best Screen Recorder for Android
Android Default Screen Recoder

How to Record your Screen on an Android Phone using AZ Screen Recorder?

We used the Android 10 screen recorder default app. And, now we are going over an example of a third-party app to record the Android screen. I am using AZ Screen Recording because as I have used it, I think it is one Best Screen Recording Apps for Android. So, follow the below step to record your Android phone screen.

#1: After taping on the AZ Screen Recorder tap on the Start icon and tap on Allow to permit the app. 

#2: Wait for 3 seconds and then screen recording will begin. And, you can stop or pause just by tapping on the icon.

Best Screen Recorder for Android
AZ Screen Recorder

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In this article, we brought to you the 5 Best Screen Recorder For Android in 2020. Bear in mind, these apps are free to use and available in the Google Play store. Every app is good for screen recording. So, you should give them a try and decide according to your view and the purpose of use. If you know a better App you can comment on us below.


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